What is performance evaluation
How many performance evaluation models are there? What benefits do they offer to companies?

Performance evaluation is the tool that allows solving one of the most important tasks of the Human Resources department: measuring the talent and performance of the workforce . Choosing the most effective performance evaluation software according to the needs of our company will allow us to detect errors and needs in the management of human capital .
Performance evaluation: what is it for?
It is essential that the tool with which we carry out the evaluation measures all professional parameters and that this information is useful for the business : either to solve conflicts, to improve productivity or to train the employee.

Assessment report by competences
And it is key that it is a continuous process, so that it is useful for the company. The performance evaluation will be really effective when you feel that it helps you to improve in your tasks and in your professional growth; it is not a method to punish or influence mistakes.

As we have commented, the evolution in companies of this method to evaluate employees and the fact of not focusing only on the objectives and adding aspects such as competencies and abilities allows us to:

Assess performance and potential
Anticipate problems of integration of an employee in the business structure or in a specific project.
Identify both the faults and weaknesses as well as the successes and strengths of each worker.
Objective feedback to manage talent and develop employees ( career plans )
Analyze the contribution of the worker to the company, if he really gives value to the entity with his tasks and ideas.
Quality of work and relationships with colleagues
Finally, staff evaluation can be used to justify a disciplinary dismissal . Provided that they provide data on poor performance at the trial and thus they could legally save compensation. Article 54.2 of the Workers’ Statute includes dismissal for poor performance.

Usually, to avoid long lawsuits, companies solve it by paying compensation. However, if the company has an analysis system with performance indicators and reliably demonstrates that the worker has decreased their performance (minimum 4-6 months), the company would have the upper hand.